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Deep Armor is a consulting firm offering security assessment, secure design, privacy planning, incident response and information security training services. We are a team of process and technical experts who can help you build and ship secure products by discovering security vulnerabilities early in the development cycle, and guiding you on resolving them effectively.

We have significant expertise in defining and executing Security Development Lifecycle (SDL/SDLC) activities for a variety of technical domains, especially embedded systems (IoT & wearables), mobile platforms (Android and iOS), desktop client applications, web applications and modern cloud platforms. Whether you’re a customer with minimal staff investment in security, or a talented security team looking for augmenting your security assessment efforts, we have services that can help you.


Customized security assurance and training services to secure your products and enhance security awareness

Leadership Team

Deep Armor is a security consulting firm that is built on strong technical talent, with over 50 years of cumulative information security experience. Our passion for security research and hunting vulnerabilities is evident in our work.
Our engineers have presented their work at numerous prestigious security conferences around the world. See the ‘Research’ Section for links to our papers and conference talks.

Founder and CEO


Sumanth Naropanth

Sumanth is a technical expert in security research, vulnerability assessments, security architecture & design, and incident response. He has held several security leadership positions, has developed detailed frameworks for Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) for large corporations, and has managed global teams that executed those SDL activities. Sumanth lived and worked in California, for Sun Microsystems, Palm/HP and Intel for nearly seven years. The Silicon Valley culture of openness and thirst for technical excellence is in the DNA of Deep Armor. He and his team frequently publish and present their research at well-known security conferences worldwide



Brian Hernacki

Brian Hernacki is an entrepreneur and industry expert in software systems and security. Brian currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Planet, where he runs all the software development activities for satellite software stack and global imagery data. Prior to this, Brian served as the Vice President of Engineering for the Wearables division at Intel. Brian has extensive experience working at executive and engineering levels for large corporations as well as at startups. He has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from University of Michigan.


Our researchers have presented on various security topics at the following events:


Black Hat Asia
Black Hat Asia – Singapore Link to our Briefing Youtube
Troopers – Heidelberg, Germany Link to our Briefing Youtube
Annual FIRST Conference – Malaysia
Annual FIRST Conference – Malaysia Link to our Briefing to our Briefing
AppSec USA 2018 – California, USA
AppSec USA 2018 – California, USA Link to our Briefing to our Briefing
 Wearable Technologies Conference — India
Wearable Technologies Conference — India Link to our Briefing to our Briefing


PacSec – Tokyo, Japan (Slides)
Nuit du Hack
Nuit du Hack – Paris, France (YouTube)
NASSCOM Product Conclave – Hyderabad, India (YouTube)


AppSec USA
AppSec USA – Washington DC, USA (YouTube)
Shakacon – Honolulu, USA(YouTube)


Black Hat Europe
Black Hat Europe – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (YouTube)

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For more information on our service offerings, security recommendations, training request or business partnerships, please contact us at services@deeparmor.com or @deep_armor
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